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The Great Embrace

The Great Embrace

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I miss hugging people in this time of the world wide pandemic. I’m going to hug more often when this is all over! It’s hard keeping your distance when you see people suffering.

The Easter story is a story of a great embrace. Transcendent holy God embracing humankind in our suffering by taking upon himself, through Jesus, all that separates and keeps us apart from himself.

Jesus atoned (made at one) fallen and hopelessly lost people and mighty God.

This new Prodigal Son painting was originally painted for someone alongside another one and this is the one that was left. But now I look at it I see how much of a message it carries for this nation.

The feathers symbolise the protection and sheilding of God over us. The embrace is a symbol of God meeting us.

This painting is for sale and while it originally cost £300 it is now for sale at £200- Postage will be a further £30.