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Last word II
Last word II
Last word II
Last word II

Last word II

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This painting is one of a series of 4. While all 4 are unique they have a common thread and the following is a write up I’ve done for each one. 

I stood on the beach on the west coast of scotland with my family. It was misty. Really Misty. It was hard to distinguish between where the sky started and the sea finished apart from the mystical silver sheen over the waters.

It was grey yet full of colour. Not drab. Promising and good. Colour breaking through. If you looked. I soaked it in and observed what I felt and saw. 

I turned to my wife who was brushing the sand off her feet. “I’m going to capture this” I said bravely, “in some paintings.” I didn’t have my phone or camera to take a picture so in a strange kind of way in my spirit I turned to the sea and felt like I took one. I soaked it in. The wide, beautiful, deep breath, spacious place kind of scene permeated me. It felt good. 

This painting is the result of what I saw and felt. You may see other things.

As I painted this one the words of a song were dancing away on my paint brush! “You always have the last word and the last word is love.” 

The painting is on a chunky edged canvas and measures approx 81 x 30 x 3.6cm