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Dignity Freedom Network

In early 2022 at a Baptist ministers gathering where I was teaching I heard about the work of the Dignity Freedom Network (DFN) and their work to see people's lives and communities transformed. I heard stories of people who had once been treated as lower than animals now given dignity and hope.

I wanted to do something and I felt moved to give at least 10% of my art sales to their amazing work. 

So, in buying art from me you also can support Dignity and Freedom for the poor, the marginalised and the outcastes in South Asia.

Click on the image below to find out more what DFN do:


By buying artwork from me you will be raising funds for DFN in seeing the poor, marginalised and outcastes of society transition to living in Dignity and Freedom

Their programmes are designed, led and staffed by nationals, with a holistic approach through education, trafficking prevention, healthcare and economic empowerment.

On the DFN website you can also find out how you can support their work directly by sponsoring children's education or by donating to their transformative and empowering programmes.