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Sailing with Jesus 1

Sailing with Jesus 1

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When I originally painted this I wrote:

I’ve been drawn to painting water scenes recently… I’m not too sure why other than I’m having fun with the abstract nature of the paintings that all seem to contain a sense of journey or adventure.

This painting is no exception as it’s all about sailing with Jesus to new places and heights, with abstract plays with light and sky that hint at heavenly realms within the stars.

Other than Jesus being in the boat I’m not sure who else I’ve painted… they’re figures without names. Perhaps they represent the team that I serve with The Light Project. Perhaps one of them represents me. Am I the one hoisting the sales, steering or simply enjoying the adventure? Where would you place yourself?

The painting is large. 150cm by 100cm. It’s painted with inks and acrylic paints and pens too.