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Busy bee
Busy bee

Busy bee

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These sunflower paintings (I did a study of 4) seek to capture the beauty of the sunflowers. I hope they will remind you of the creator, the one who holds this world and causes the sunflowers to turn with the sun. May you be inspired to turn and look to the son and may He nourish you and cause his face to shine upon you. 

So why the sunflowers? 

I love to harvest vegetables and fruit from my allotment. A highlight is bringing flowers back home for my wife and the sunflower brings the sunshine of the summer into the grey darker days of the impending autumn. 

Recently I picked a bunch. They were special as they were the only ones that had survived out of around 30 sunflowers that I had planted. A rabbit had snuck in and nipped the tips of most of them! 

I brought them home and placed them in a vase on the outside table. Over a few days I sketched and watched the busy bees on the flowers and marvelled as the light caught hold of the petals.