Rear Guard Glory

Rear Guard Glory

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I painted this originally at the 2018 Fresh Streams conference.

I wrote this about it back then: 

For three days this week I’ve had the privilege to paint and do some teaching at Fresh Streams, a gathering for baptist church leaders.

When I paint I am most happy! It’s where I’m in my element so while it was a service and ministry to those who came along, it was such a joy!

The emphasis of this years conference was all about prophecy and I was invited to paint prophetically, to communicate what God was saying to us as we gathered.

Just under 400 of us met at The Hayes conference centre. Here are the three paintings that I did over the time that we gathered for corporate worship:

The above painting of hands and water was a statement of what I believed God wanted to do, to pour out and overflow with His Spirit upon us. Lots.

This painting was based on Isaiah 58 and Psalm 1. I wanted to show that God’s heart for us was to be like a tree planted by rivers of living water, bearing fruit each season. Such a tree’s leaves will never wither. The person walking to the tree, is being guarded by the Glory of the Lord as a rear guard. Or as a friend of mine put it: ‘Jesus has got tour back!’

Here’s a close up of some of the detail of the painting: