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My friend Raphaëlle Jones art work. Artisan maker and woodworker.

I love staying with my friend Glyn and his family. Not only is he my fellow co-principal of The Light College he is also my friend. A good friend who blesses me and prays for me and journeys with me as we follow Jesus.

I love staying at his as it’s like going abroad and tasting new cultures and foods. Glyn’s wife Raphaëlle is an artist and is French. The home is filled with creativity, symbols and signs from France, but it’s the creative genius of Raphaëlle that always gets me.

Things are seemingly accidentally placed around the home, yet they form the most beautiful works of art where the colours ‘zing.’ Like this hand crafted bowl on their table:

This line of drying plants in their kitchen is one of the most beautiful sculptures that captivated me, the subtle colour changes of lilacs and browns and pinks moves me:

Raphaëlle’s shop can be found here: uprooted studio and the art work is simply beautiful. They are pieces of work that have been shaped and moulded over hours upon hours.

I recently bought these two bowls as an anniversary gift for my wife, two bowls made out of one piece of wood. Not only was it expertly made and is functional as bowls, the symbolism was prophetic. One piece into two vessels that are one.