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That warm sunset III
That warm sunset III
That warm sunset III

That warm sunset III

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I have an infinity with the island of Bardsey.

I have visited around 12 times in the last 8 years. It's a place where I meet with God, pray deeply and am often in soitude and silence. It is also a place where I flex my creative skills and push techniques and ways of painting. I often use new materials and seek to be led by the Spirit in how I paint. 

Recently I have served as chaplain and for the first week I was without any art materials, even any canvases. I didn't even have pens and paper! I had forgotten the art materials back at home safely at the front door ready for me to pack them into the car! So I spent the first week soaking in what I saw and did some simple water colours that I had borrowed from my daughter. For the second week I splurged out lots of paintings!

It's as if I soaked it all in and then let the scenes and feel of the island flow out.

This painting is on a A2 wooden board. It is created using acrylic inks pastels and pen, spray paint and acrylic inks.

It not only captures that moment of sunset that we had so many amazing ones over the time I was there but also how I felt about the island and what was happening in prayer too.