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Strength, Shield and Song

Strength, Shield and Song

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 ‘Strength, Shield and Song’
             91cm by 91cm
I have a friend who sent me her interpretation of a Psalm, an ancient prayer brought into her situation. It's powerful. I asked if I could use it as when I received her prayer I was mid painting and the two moments coincided and brought about a happy interpretation of what I was painting. 
This is her prayer: 
I cry out to you Lord in desperation needing your peace and comfort, your wisdom and power. You hear me and speak. I do not doubt or fear as I trust you. I believe you will disarm and crush our enemies and deliver us.
I wait in full anticipation and expectation to save and deliver us. You are my strength, my shield and my song. Amen (Psalm 28) 
What do you need to know about God in this time? Perhaps his unshakable trustworthiness? His power to deliver you from your enemies? 
This abstract painting permeates peace (I believe) and I hope will encourage you and remind you that God is your strength, shield and song.

This painting is part of an exhibition at Foxhill House and Woodlands and you can see the original painting in this short film (below!) of a tour around the house with the paintings in situ.

Due to the size of the painting it may take a while to arrange transportation and delivery, or you can pick up the painting with a prior arrangement.