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Looking up the mountain- View from Llofft Carreg on Bardsey Island

Looking up the mountain- View from Llofft Carreg on Bardsey Island

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I serve as chaplain on the island of Bardsey once a year. It’s an annual pilgrimage that breathes life into me and gives an opportunity to paint for the pure joy of painting! 

This beauty was produced as part of a series of 9 paintings which I exhibited in the chapel on the island of Bardsey. (Have a look at the mini video above!) 

It’s a scene from the Llofft the chaplain stays in, Llofft Caregg. This year the Bardsey Island Trust island wardens have created a garden space out the back of the accommodation which has created an extra room and lots of light!

This scene is from where I sat most days enjoying breakfast or dinner looking out on blue sky days looking up the mountain through the grasses. 

The blue and sun permeates the entire landscape and I’ve incorporated the colours of the sun and vibrancy into the grasses and landscape. 

There’s an overemphasis on the sunshine and like a child I’ve captured the way the sky made me feel as well as what I saw. 

This painting measures approx 50 by 50 cm and is painted using acrylic inks, masking fluid and acrylic paint and a whole load of joy. 

10% of the sale price will be donated to The Bardsey Island Trust.