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‘It's a new day’ Northern Ireland

‘It's a new day’ Northern Ireland

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‘It’s a new day’ is a series of 4 new dawn paintings painted as a prayer over the UK.

The Welsh scene was captured from a photo from Conway, North Wales. 

They’re symbols of hope, that a new day is coming. In these dark and desperate times where mourning and grieving are coming place, the promise is that despite all the odds, joy comes in the morning.

Prints are available as a reminder of the new day that will come. One where the Dayspring brings light to the darkness. Each of the 4 paintings represents a scene from one of the nations in the UK. 

Each painting has an overemphasis of light, a bursting out of the canvas the hope for a new day. 

May these simple pictures bring hope for tomorrow. 

To watch the process of the painting you can see a short film here: