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Philips Mum

Philips Mum

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A few years ago I wrote a novel based on one of my hero’s, Philip the evangelist. To help me I painted some scenes. This is a scene of Philips mum just before she encountered Jesus.

Here’s the write up about the book: 

Roman soldiers, temple prostitutes and children who can see the future. Violence, miracles and a love story lasting 60 years. Philip is a coming-of-age story and a 'spiritual biography' of one of the most important figures in the Bible, imagined by one of Britain’s most innovative evangelists.

For years, Chris Duffett has been meeting people where they are with the love of Jesus Christ, reclaiming street evangelism from the fire and brimstone brigade, and equipping thousands of UK Christians to step out in faith, courage and love. He imagines Philip the evangelist as someone many of us might know: a boy with a disability, caring for a sick mum; a teenager in love with his childhood friend; a man plagued by self-doubt, even as God uses him in people’s lives.

Walk with Philip through the streets of first-century Samaria and Jerusalem. Listen to him talk with Jesus in a market place. Watch him struggle with anger, fear and stress. Feel his enduring love. Get to know the Bible’s first evangelist, and know that if he could do it, so can you.

Philip is a rags-to-spiritual-riches story full of warmth, romance, drama and truth.


'...adventurous and imaginative creation of the life of Philip the evangelist based on the fascinating information about him in the New Testament' --Canon J.John (from the Foreword)

'Creative, imaginative, challenging & highly engaging. This book is a great contribution that is well worth a read.' --Gavin Calver, Director of Mission Evangelical Alliance

'Through this delightful story inspired by the New Testament figure Philip, Chris Duffett succeeds in bringing the past to life, while enabling readers to resonate deeply with both the power of love and the all too familiar challenges of forgiveness.' --Kate Coleman, Founder and co-director of Next Leadership

About the Author

Chris Duffett is an artist, poet and founder of The Light Project ( a growing network of people across the UK who love to reveal Jesus to those who have yet to make any sense of him.