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You’ve defeated death
You’ve defeated death
You’ve defeated death

You’ve defeated death

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This original painting was created while worshiping on a Sunday morning in my studio. You can see some of the worship scenes as I worshipped and danced along with what I heard. 

I joined a Vineyard church in New Zealand and enjoyed worshipping, listening and dancing while painting this painting!

A line from one of the worship songs kept coming back to me. ‘You’ve defeated death. You’ve defeated fear and shame!’ 

This abstract painting has Gold light dancing out, spilling out from the dark colours. It could be a sunrise on a sea, light breaking through a dark day. 

It measures 100cm by 50cm and is painted using acrylic paints and mostly painted using a palette knife and my chunkiest brush! 

NB: The canvas has a small tear in the top right corner. It’s been repaired abs patched on the back and isn’t noticeable, but I’ve reduced the asking price of the painting due to this.